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As of today, April 4, 2012, my livejournal is friends only. This is why.

I long ago banned yamamanama - a couple of years ago, actually, if not more, because of his rampant idiocy on jordan179's blog, which he attempted to bring to mine. Before his presence benighted our community of people who enjoyed intelligent political, fandom and other interesting topics for discussion, our journals were open places, where, as long as you were civil and abided by the house rules, you were welcome to enter the discussion - livejournal account appreciated but not required. Since then I've banned the various openID sockpuppets he uses to get around jordan179's ban on his own LJ, when we all resorted to screening anonymous comments.

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I am making my blog friends only, so you cannot harass my readers from now on, based on the opinions they display in my place of discussion.

If you wish to be added, drop a message here email me if you'd like to avoid becoming a further target of yama's extremist liberal hacktivism and stalking, as I have no idea how yama is able to trace where I post and when (Either he did something to LJ code, which is illegal... that allows him to trace me, or he obsessively refreshes every single one of my friends' comment pages, or he has a script that does that for him... either way, it's highly, violently creepy.) He'll probably see you added on my friendslist if he continuously monitors THAT on my profile page, but at least you won't immediately be attacked by him.

I also hope you won't mind, but I will have a look at least at your profile and recent posts, to see if you and I have a mutual friend, and to determine if you're a Russian spambot. (I get a few of those friending me now and again, and they don't get friended back. As of this posting, there is a Russian blogger viewing my LJ, but his posts tell me he's a real person.)

ETA: As of 6 of July 2012, comments to this post will be closed, due to events that resulted in this:

Yama, as one would expect from a criminal who erases evidence of his wrongdoing, deleted his comments in the thread that got him banned for the sixth time, especially the ones which reveals his lies and criminal stalking of oronoda to a horrifying degree. He uses various openIDs and will comment anonymously to get around bans, and Jordan's banned no less than six different IDs.

ETA: October 3 2012: That's some seriously dedicated stalking going on.

ETA: May 3 2013: More seriously dedicated stalking, of people I know and the discussions they hold outside of this blog. More interestingly, at the blogs of published authors who might, or have opposing views to his. Vox names several other aliases that the stalker and troll uses on his blog as well.

So he stalks authors who are of conservative bent, and harasses them on their blogs. More characterizing establishment. Note that he also takes the time to misrepresent the people he also harasses on these other blogs.

ETA August 25 2013 The stalking resumes. Actually he signed up on a different forum account first, then seems to have changed his mind and used 'Sunlight' instead. Starlight is another alias of his, presumably derived from his other 'star' related alias.

ETA September 19 2013 So he's finally stalked me over at and also signed up for an account on both and Luscinia is one of the aliases he uses to harass wombat_socho here (search for that username, the comment was deleted however), that Vox Day also mentions here, and he also uses on Mad Genius Club.
More on the Mad Genius Club. Using "Arachnothera" here.

Other nicknames that have been tagged to him are Chlamydia and Syphilis.

Update February 2014: Daphnis is a new handle of his. He seems to have taken to harassing authors who...earn money through their work and telling them that they should be writing beautiful prose pictures instead of... plot and characters that have a story...? You know, instead of writing novels?

Examples as Clamps: here and here The first link also has an example of yama posting as Alauda The comments in the post are comedy gold, as Yama isn't able to hold back once Mr. Correia notes an example of Yama's terribad writing and outs himself.

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